PRFMPlatelet-Rich Fibrin Matrix
PRFMPunk Rock Flea Market
PRFMPremature Rupture of Fetal Membranes
PRFMPressure Reducing Foam Mattress
PRFMParametrized Reaction Field Multipoles (molecular biology)
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They looked at 88 patients with small to medium sized rotator cuff tears and randomized to arthroscopic double-row repair with autologous PRFM augmentation or without PRFM.
Students will also gain training knowledge on the process of turning PRP into PRFM safely and with optimal results for the patient prioritized.
We searched extensively for a PRP system which would provide important and unique benefits to our customers and their patients; we found this with Cascade's PRFM system.
Adrian Lock, PulseVet's[R] Chief Operating Officer, said, "The ProTec[TM] PRFM technology is a very compelling and complementary product for us.
The natural serum that produces these effects is known as Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix, or PRFM.
Beautiful medical spa located in the heart of Weston, consisting of 6 rooms to provide all services related to inner/outer beauty: facials, laser treatments, cosmetogynecology, massages, teeth whitening, detox massage, sauna, weight loss control, BHRT, IV Therapy, Ematrix RF, PRFM, IPL/ LED treatments, fillers, botox, etc.