PRFSProton Resonance Frequency Shift (thermal imaging)
PRFSPuerto Rico Freight Systems
PRFSPersonal Responsibility for Safety
PRFSPregnancy Rate to First Service (cattle)
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President Duterte earlier cited the PRFS as one of his key programs to ease traffic in Metro Manila, which prompted the Department of Budget and Management to come up with the ambitious Pasig River Convergence Program.
Although formal training awards constitute one significant discriminator in an officer's records, stratifications on OPRs and PRFs were another issue raised by participants.
The addition of PRFS will additionally bring the strength of new customer relationships across defense, homeland security and intelligence sectors.
A customized instrumented bike pedal was used on the cycle ergometer, which allows recordings of three dimensional pedal reaction forces (PRF) and moments (Fang et al., 2016; Gardner et al., 2015; Martin and Brown, 2009).
Neves, "Optimal PRFs from Blockcipher Designs," IACR Transactions on Symmetric Cryptology, vol.
With a uniform pulse repetition frequency (PRF) [f.sub.PRF] observation, [v.sub.a] can be shown as [v.sub.a] = [lambda][f.sub.PRF]/4.
1998) was accompanied by an HBM computer program that could calculate PRFs and RTFs.
The most common automated technology used by MRFs (Material Recovery Facilities) and PRFs (Plastics Recovery Facilities) for the sorting of plastics uses near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy to detect the polymer type.
Ismail, "Antioxidant activities of phenolic rich fractions (PRFs) obtained from black mahlab (Monechma ciliatum) and white mahlab (Prunus mahaleb) seedcakes," Food Chemistry, vol.
While most people know of MRFs, a new generation of sorting facilities are popping up across North America called PRFs (Plastics Recovery Facilities).