PRGAParticipatory Research and Gender Analysis
PRGAPseudo-Random Generation Algorithm (cryptography)
PRGAPuerto Rico Golf Association
PRGAPersonnel Group of America Inc.
PRGAP. R. Glassel and Associates, Inc. (est. 1985; Stacy, MN)
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S1 and S2 in the PRGA are used to produce the sequence of that output stream, which is XOR-ed with plaintext (or ciphertext) to generate ciphertext (or plaintext).
claim was that section 1506 (182) of the PRGA improperly delegated
The process was governed by section 1205 of the PRGA, which
of choosing licensees, section 1205(b) of the PRGA obligates the board
The CLDG and the PRGA have the same mathematical origin; both were derived at the same time (e.
The PRGA for each HEN and its svd values are shown in Table 12, in order to determine the performance of the decentralized control system with respect to set point changes.