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PRHPatentti-ja Rekisterihallitus (Finnish: National Board of Patents and Registration)
PRHPacific Region Headquarters
PRHPersonality and Human Relationships
PRHProlactin-Releasing Hormone (also seen as PRLH)
PRHPersonnalité et Relations Humaines (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
PRHPeople's Republic of Haven (Honor Harrington science fiction novels)
PRHPrimary and Rural Health (California)
PRHPolicy Rating History (insurance)
PRHPurely Right-Handed (metamaterials)
PRHPhase Retrieval Holography
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PRH 056 was interviewed by Mugg, subsequently submitting a formal statement about Abou Adass.
Given that the PRH stake contributed around 15p of earnings, the concern is that dividend could fall to between 16p and 17p - resulting in a yield of around 2.
Over the last four years PRH has delivered more than USD 150m in annualised integration benefits, increasing profit and margins and creating significant value for both partners.
Milee Ashwarya, editor-in-chief for the commercial and business divisions at PRH India and the publisher of the book, said, "In a rare and unique initiative, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has decided to directly address the state of the students through this book.
The three experimental settings that we investigated in TG-GATEs were rat liver in vivo and rat and human primary hepatocyte in vitro and are referred to as RLV, PRH, and PHH, respectively.
Baez supports that efforts should be made to include PRH in clinical trials.
La primera expresa que la CO esta significativamente asociada con el desempeno de la organizacion; la segunda hace referencia a que las PRH difieren significativamente entre los diferentes tipos de CO; y la tercera asevera que las PRH son predictivas de la CO.
En las condiciones cubanas, donde el sector turistico tiene un alto peso especifico en el desarrollo economico y social del pais (De Miguel Guzman, 2001 y Quintana, 2005) los sistemas de direccion hoteleros deben evolucionar hacia los enfoques gerenciales mas actuales, pero esta transformacion, tanto de concepcion como de metodos que deben utilizarse, esencialmente en lo vinculado a la PRH, deben permitir prever los cambios y trazar acciones que respondan a las exigencias de las organizaciones y su entorno.
4 shows the extracted dispersion diagrams of the CRLH transmission line, PRH TL and the total ring obtained from the de-embedded S-parameters.
On other studies, Dr Padma-Sheela Jayaraman is hoping to provide vital knowledge about how a molecule called PRH can halt breast cancer growth, which can then be used to develop new treatments.
He is, as of today, still in PRH and his wife is, again, being cared for in a home.