PRHBPenn Reviews in the History of the Book (University of Pennsylvania; Philadelphia, PA)
PRHBPost-Retirement Health Benefit
PRHBPuerto Rico Home Builders Association
PRHBPeriodic Reception History Broadcast (computing)
PRHBPuerto Rico Hapkido Brotherhood (online sports group)
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If the PRHb section is considered as a conventional transmission with characteristic impedance [Z.sub.PRH] (= [Z.sub.c] = 50 [ohm]) and electrical length [[THETA].sub.PRH] then replacing (18) and (19) into (3) ones arrives to the electrical length of the bottom branch is [[THETA].sub.PRH] = 50[degrees] at the central frequency.
On the other hand, the PRHb is designed to have characteristic impedance of 50 [ohm] and electrical length of 50[degrees].
For our design, a transmission line with length l = 2.95 mm and width w = 3.512 mm is added to the PRHb section to take into account the parasitic pad effects.