PRHEProgram on Reproductive Health and the Environment
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To gauge what practitioners know about the impact toxic chemicals can have on their patients' health, PRHE is currently partnering with the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists to survey its membership across the country and to raise awareness of environmental health issues.
PRHE is partnering with California's statewide biomonitoring program to measure more than 100 chemicals in several dozen mother--infant pairs and see if they can tease out primary routes of exposure and potential relationships between exposures and birth outcomes.
But even once people know about environmental exposures, other underlying issues such as financial- insecurity can thwart efforts to change behaviors and consumer choices, PRHE researchers and others point out.
PRHE "work[s] to train scientists, community members, clinicians, how to interpret science," Woodruff says, and "how to reach the decision makers.