PRHIPrince Resorts Hawaii Inc.
PRHIPublic Research Health Institute (Canada)
PRHIPittsburgh Regional Healthcare Initiative
PRHIPigeon River Habitat Initiative (Michigan)
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also established in Canada, declared in previous December that it had implemented various definitive agreements with PRHI regarding financing and investment in TVI and its indirectly held Philippine assets, together with Mindoro s Agata and Pan de Azucar projects.
These agreements comprise PRHI purchasing a 5-percent direct equity interest in TVI and a 68.
PRHI uses data collected and analyzed by PHC4 to produce reports on provider performance including process and outcome measures.
Another area of focus for PRHI is clinical performance improvements to increase quality and financial performance.
PRHI, whose legal sponsor is the Jewish Healthcare Foundation, is a coalition of healthcare organizations working to establish Southwestern Pennsylvania as the nation's benchmark in health care outcomes and value.
The PRHI program is a blueprint for the kind of systemwide approach needed to improve the safety, quality and affordability of health care across the country, and Aetna is proud to be a part of it," said Dr.
PRHI was born in 1998, when leaders of Pittsburgh's Jewish Healthcare Foundation met with Paul O'Neill, then chief executive officer of Alcoa and presently the U.
recalled Karen Wolk Feinstein, who chairs PRHI and serves as president of the Jewish Healthcare Foundation.