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PRIPrimary Rate Interface (ISDN)
PRIPublic Radio International
PRIPerformance Review Institute (Warrendale, PA)
PRIInstitutional Revolutionary Party (Mexico)
PRIPerformance Racing Industry
PRIPartido Revolucionario Institucional (Spanish: Institutional Revolutionary Party, México)
PRIPuerto Rico (ISO Country code)
PRIPopulation Research Institute
PRIPrinciples for Responsible Investment (UNEP Finance Initiative)
PRIPacific Research Institute (since 1979; San Francisco, California)
PRIPolitical Risk Insurance
PRIPlant Research International
PRIPanchayati Raj Institutions (India)
PRIPenal Reform International
PRIPulse Repetition Interval
PRIPersonal Record Identifier (Canada)
PRIPharmaceutical Research Institute
PRIPhotochemical Reflectance Index
PRIPrevention Research Institute (Lexington, KY)
PRIPraslin Island, Seychelles (Airport Code)
PRIPeriodic Reinvestigation
PRIPlastics and Rubber Institute (United Kingdom)
PRIPrison Reform International
PRIProgressive Renal Insufficiency
PRIPerformance Registrar Inc.
PRIPreliminary Rifle Instruction
PRIPreemptive Repeat Identical (transition type in Petri nets)
PRIProliferation Rate Index
PRIPolarity Realization Institute
PRIPrecision Radiation Instruments
PRIProduct Release Instructions
PRIPositive Refractive Index
PRIProperty Retention Index
PRIParanormal Research Institute
PRIPower Resources International, Inc (Long Island, New York)
PRIProfessional Recruiting International (Utah)
PRIprogressive routing indicator (US DoD)
PRICollectie Privaatrecht
PRIPensions Registration Institute (Sweden)
PRIPartido de Ratas Inorganizadas
PRIPlanning, Review, and Inspection
PRIProbability of Receiving an Impression
PRIPertech Resources Incorporated (Riverton, Wyoming)
PRIPerformance and Results International, LLC
PRIPeroulakis Research, Inc.
PRIProtection Radiologique Intégrée (France: Integrated Radiological Protection)
PRIPure Rate of Interest (economics)
PRIPrisoner Reentry Initiative (various locations)
PRIPlanet Repair Institute (Portland, OR)
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Contacts: WGBH -- Jeanne Hopkins; 617 300 4363 PRI -- Julia Yager; 612 330 9231 Global Post -- Rick Byrne; 617 854 3184
The latest election came against a backdrop of growing animosity between the PRI and the PRD following the most recent gubernatorial election.
The appointments have upset PRI and PRD legislators, who sent Fox a letter of protest.
From the birth of the PRI's first incarnation in 1929 until the mid-1980s, the PRI maintained a tight stranglehold on every position of governing importance in Mexico.
The PAN will now govern 7 of the 31 Mexican states, with the PRI in charge in the rest.
Ross presents the figure of Jorge Constantino Kanter, a John Wayne-type cattleman, who illustrates how the PRI no longer can satisfy the demands of large owners and middle-sized peasants, workers and employers, political bosses, and civil society.
Sensing his new-found popularity and openly dissatisfied with Colosio's nomination (defying PRI tradition, he refused to endorse Colosio's candidacy), Camacho hinted at an independent presidential run.
Founded in 1983, PRI audio, text and visual content is currently consumed by almost 19 million people each month.
PRI will be one of the first suppliers to receive Compaq's OpenVMS Itanium-based hardware to begin the port.
IET figures showed that the PRI easily retained a majority in the state legislature by winning 14 of the 18 directly elected seats.
The PRI no longer controls the country the way it once did.
The ruling party also was in danger of losing its congressional majority for the first time since PRI was founded in 1929.