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PRIPrimary Rate Interface (ISDN)
PRIPublic Radio International
PRIPerformance Review Institute (Warrendale, PA)
PRIInstitutional Revolutionary Party (Mexico)
PRIPerformance Racing Industry
PRIPartido Revolucionario Institucional (Spanish: Institutional Revolutionary Party, México)
PRIPuerto Rico (ISO Country code)
PRIPopulation Research Institute
PRIPeace Research Institute (est. 1976)
PRIPolicy Research Institute (various locations)
PRIPrimary Rate Interface (telecommunications)
PRIPerris (Amtrak station code; Perris, CA)
PRIPrinciples for Responsible Investment (UNEP Finance Initiative)
PRIPacific Research Institute (since 1979; San Francisco, California)
PRIPolitical Risk Insurance
PRIPoverty Reduction Initiative (various locations)
PRIPuerto Rico International
PRIPolicy Research Initiative (various organizations)
PRIPrisoner Reentry Initiative (various locations)
PRIPolicy Rules Instances
PRIProvisioning Instances
PRIPrimary Rate Isdn
PRIPrinter Definitions
PRIPrimary Rate Interface
PRIPure Rate of Interest (economics)
PRIProgram-Related Investment (foundations)
PRIPlant Research International
PRIPanchayati Raj Institutions (India)
PRIPenal Reform International
PRIProduction Resources, Inc. (Franklin, TN)
PRIPulse Repetition Interval
PRIPersonal Record Identifier (Canada)
PRIPharmaceutical Research Institute
PRIPlanet Repair Institute (Portland, OR)
PRIPhotochemical Reflectance Index
PRIPrevention Research Institute (Lexington, KY)
PRIPraslin Island, Seychelles (Airport Code)
PRIPeriodic Reinvestigation
PRIPlastics and Rubber Institute (United Kingdom)
PRIPrison Reform International
PRIProgressive Renal Insufficiency
PRIProgressive Routing Indicator (US DoD)
PRIPerformance Registrar Inc.
PRIPreliminary Rifle Instruction
PRIPeopleclick Research Institute (statistical analysis; Peopleclick)
PRIPreemptive Repeat Identical (transition type in Petri nets)
PRIProliferation Rate Index
PRIPolarity Realization Institute
PRIPrecision Radiation Instruments
PRIProduct Release Instructions
PRIPositive Refractive Index
PRIProperty Retention Index
PRIParanormal Research Institute
PRIPower Resources International, Inc (Long Island, New York)
PRIProfessional Recruiting International (Utah)
PRICollectie Privaatrecht
PRIPensions Registration Institute (Sweden)
PRIPartido de Ratas Inorganizadas
PRIPlanning, Review, and Inspection
PRIPertech Resources Incorporated (Riverton, Wyoming)
PRIProbability of Receiving an Impression
PRIPerformance and Results International, LLC
PRIProtection Radiologique Intégrée (France: Integrated Radiological Protection)
PRIPeroulakis Research, Inc.
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Almada (1982) analizo la estructura y la dinamica del poder que ha prevalecido en los gobiernos estatales de la decada de 1930 hasta la de 1980, y encontro que se caracterizaron por la hegemonia absoluta del PRI y por el predominio y control del Poder Ejecutivo sobre la legislatura y los demas actores politicos locales.
The PRI website keeps an extensive knowledge base of practice management information with more content added every day.
Israel also said more than 4,800 complimentary PRI education programs have been accessed directly via the PRI YouTube page during 2015.
The PRI was behind the PRD early in the count during the 1988 election, until a mysterious "computer glitch" halted the vote count.
The Duet 6001P supports standard PRI interfaces converting the PRI signaling and voice media into IP H.
The PRI legislators will not support the proposal to tax food and medicine," says Senator Sauri.
According to its mission statement, the new party will be completely distinct from the PRI, social democratic in tendency, and address areas where the PRI has failed--namely the country's growing rates of poverty.
I never thought that Fox would win, even if all the votes were for him, because the PRI was so powerful," says Juan Quiroz Romero, who runs a fruit stand in Mexico City.
by providing PRI with immediate and long-term royalty streams on product that Genpharm has licensed to specialty marketers.
How can Mexico have fair elections, he asks, when 90 percent of campaign coverage went to the PRI, and the little coverage the opposition received was slanted against them?
Confident that economic development was well under way--and possibly hoping to achieve a political compromise between economic reformers (who presumably favored Aspe) and PRI traditionalists (aligned behind Camacho)--Salinas opted for Colosio.