PRIDPRotocol IDentifier
PRIDProvisioning Id
PRIDProgesterone Releasing Intravaginal Device (veterinary medicine)
PRIDPast Rotary International Director
PRIDPolicy Rule Identifier
PRIDPositional Reference Identification (US Navy)
PRIDPain Relief Intensity Difference
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Aware of the reality of the scarcity of interpreters in court settings especially in the provinces, PRID is reaching out by identifying and intensively train, review, update, and discuss relevant issues in court interpreting through a specialization course.
Oestrus Synchronization in beef cows: comparison between GnRH + [PGF.sub.2]a + GnRH and PRID + [PGF.sub.2]a + eCG.
Singh, informed the steps taken by the Central government to set up the PRID corridor.
En Italia, en bufalas lecheras pluriparas de raza Mediterranea, se comparo un dispositivo con P4 (Prid) por 10 dias, colocando en un grupo (A) el dia 7 PMSG mas [PGF.sub.2[alfa]], y en el (B), el dia 10, inseminando a todas ellas 72 horas despues del retiro del dispositivo.
Nicola Condren, Rachael Bareham, Derrick Previll of Zoe's Place are among those backing the Tees Prid, Year of the Volunteer
Results could take up to 10 days, but the African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cap Verde (PAIGC), which has been at the centre of politics in Guinea-Bissau almost continuously since independence in 1974, is the favourite to win the election.It faces competition, however, from the newly formed Republican Party for Independence and Development (PRID).
Progesterone-releasing intravaginal device (PRID) devoid of estrogen capsule were inserted either on d 2 (PGF-P4-d2 and S-P4-d2 groups) or d 7 (PGF-P4-d7 and S-P4-d7 groups) post-insemination and left in place for 5 days.
Hasta el ano 1981, el tratamiento de eleccion fue la aplicacion de progestagenos mediante esponjas intravaginales [6], actualmente se aplican dispositivos intravaginales como CIDR y PRID [10, 21,23], que tienen la ventaja importante que no se pierden y no producen vaginitis importantes que intenieran en la normal fecundacion, como sucede con las esponjas intravaginales sin la aplicacion de antibioticos.
during a historical period that mingled racial prid e with an integrationist ethos" (Mootry, "Down" 9), Brooks's essay assumes that the