PRIIPublic Relations Institute of Ireland
PRIIPhilippine Resins Industries Inc. (Makati City, Philippines)
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Abbreviations: A = prism diopter, ADL = activity of daily living, BI = base-in, BO = base-out, CI = convergence insufficiency, CISS = Convergence Insufficiency Symptom Survey, LED = light-emitting diode, mTBI = mild traumatic brain injury, NFV = negative fusional vergence, NPC = near point of convergence, OMT = oculomotor training, OR = oculomotor rehabilitation, P = placebo, PFV = positive fusional vergence, PRII = Power Refractor II, SEM = standard error of mean, SS = steady-state, SUNY = State University of New York, TBI = traumatic brain injury, VSAT = Visual Search and Attention Test.
First, the binocular sampling rate of the PRII was 12.
PRII has become well known in the medical device industry as a high-quality, flexible, research and development partner for large medical device companies with "smart actuation" challenges.