PRIKPort Royal Independent Kontractors (gaming)
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Gantz, Bradley y Wang (2006), Rees y Schnepel (2009), Priks (2010) y Card y Dahl (2011) encontraron mayores indices de violencia relacionado con el deporte.
In addition, a referee pressure to support the home team has also been studied extensively (Boyko, Boyko, and Boyko 2007; Buraimo, Forrest, and Simmons 2010; Dohmen 2008; Garicano, Palacios-Huerta, and Prendergast 2005; Moskowitz and Wertheim 2011; Pettersson-Lidborn and Priks 2010; Sutter and Kocher 2004), as it has been identified that crowd noise is a cue that informs referee decision making (Buraimo, Forrest, and Simmons 2010; Nevill, Balmer, and Williams 2002).
As Priks noted, the increase of tourist flow can be explained with both one-time factors, like a skating championship, or the Metallica concert, as well as increased activity in the business sector, mainly from bigger interest from foreign businesspeople in the Estonian economy.