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PRINCE2Projects IN Controlled Environments (UK)
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Graspskills PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification Training will guide you how to implement PRINCE2 principles and methods to the work and manage the project within an environment supporting PRINCE2.
Bentley designed what is now the PRINCE2 Framework, and Wysocki designed the Effective Complex Project Management Framework.
Segundo Fernandez, Garrido, Ramirez e Perdomo (2015) o PRINCE2 (Projects In Controlled Environments--Projetos em Ambiente Controlado) e um metodo de gestao de projetos open source concebido para se adaptar a diferentes tipos de projeto.
1) PRINCE2 (Projects In Controlled Environments version 2), developed by the British Government, includes among other tools a template and method for applying work packages, which are detailed descriptions of project deliverables created before the activity is initiated (Office of Government Commerce 2002).
The team followed PRINCE2 for the overall methodology and project management, combined with Oracle's blended methodology in terms of aims and business flow, which Zaman said gave a best of breed approach to the roll out.
Sarah, 20, who has a BTEC National Diploma is thrilled at her project management appointment, and she is now working on becoming fully PRINCE2 certified.
The structure and approach can differ from standard to standard: for example, the problems of risk management and human resource management are not considered in British PM standard PRINCE2.
PRINCE2 esta "basado en los productos", es decir, los planes del proyecto se centran en obtener resultados concretos, y no solo en la planificacion de las actividades que se llevan a cabo; PRINCE2 proporciona un lenguaje comun en los proyectos [9].
21 -- Technopundits Business Solutions LLP has launched ITIL 2011 and PRINCE2 training programs in Elearning mode for working professionals.
Drawing on A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, agile, PRINCE2 methodology, emotional intelligence, and soft systems methodology, he examines who the stakeholders are (sponsors, the project team, clients and users, contractors and suppliers, the government, and hidden stakeholders); why they are important; the core values of sponsorship, partnership, leadership, and citizenship for projects; approaching stakeholders as clients; identifying them and their needs; managing engagement and expectations; building communication; getting buy-in; keeping in touch throughout the project life cycle; and managing the team.