PRINSPrimed in Situ Labeling (method of detecting chromosomal aberrations)
PRINSProfessional Resources in Nutrition Sciences (website)
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And in her own way, and with her own profusion of sensuous charms, she also seemed to illustrate the eternal truth of an unerring prin ciple.
It was then claimed she stood and "waited for a reaction" from Mr Prins while swearing at him.
She told the court how she encountered Mr Prins after slipping on the floor in the club.
Prins will be responsible for new business development on behalf of Hostmark and TQP Capital Partners, according to a statement released by TQP.
Prins is a search for authentic thrills, like many of Airas previous short novels.
Prins and Liau used a technique called engineered adoptive T cell transfer, which involves extracting and growing immune cells outside of the body, then reprogramming them with the gene for a T cell receptor targeting New York esophageal squamous carcinoma, or NY-ESO-1.
Prins' approach / Her method for laying out the facts is relentless.
This plasticity was accompanied by substantial locomotor improvements, implicating interactions between the lesioned RtST and PrINs as important structural relays post-SCI.
The footage showed that Prins appeared to be arguing with the four suspects prior to the beating.
Founded in 1986, Prins is a developer of alternative fuel systems powered by liquefied petroleum gas (LPG or propane), compressed natural gas, and liquefied natural gas for light-, medium-, and heavy-duty applications.
Mrs Prins was home with her husband Adrian, son Gary, 14, and six-year-old daughter Maddie when their neighbour's Range Rover caught fire on Wednesday evening - apparently due to petrol leak.