PRINSPrimed in Situ Labeling (method of detecting chromosomal aberrations)
PRINSProfessional Resources in Nutrition Sciences (website)
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The race and ethnicity of the patient population for PRINS respondents was similar to that of 111 family physicians and general practitioners who participated in the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey (NAMCS) in 2000.
Patient race and ethnicity data were not available from the AAFP but it was available on the NAMCS, which asked questions very similar to those on the PRINS.
Among the protocols detailed in the 21 chapters are detection and sizing of telomeric and other simple repeats by dideoxy-PRINS, brain tissue preparations for chromosomal PRINS labeling, dual-color PRINS for in situ detection of fetal cells in maternal blood, and application of reverse transcription in situ PCR in cancer analysis.
PRINS WILLEM and Penzance, two hurdlers of immense promise who could go on to better things, grace the card at Huntingdon today.