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The local governments have no concern about paying teachers because the central government covers teacher salaries via block grants from the General Purpose Fund (Dana Alokasi Umum), as Asep Surhayadi and Prio Sambodho wrote (p.
The scandal brought to mind similar incidents in the '40s and '50s under presidents Ramon Grau, Carlos Prio and Fulgencio Batista--not to mention the more distant past.
I have Malala Yousafzai on top," Kristian Berg Harpviken, director of Oslo-based peace research institute PRIO, told reporters.
w season and per wa compe ge A Brittai prio fr loss, hi "So it was good to come out in my first competitive appearance at home to get a few goals and put an end to it.
Characters order mouth-watering dishes throughout the play, like "Number 31: Gai Grob Prio Wan, crispy chicken breast with morels, pineapple and peach in sweet and sour sauce," and "Number 6: Thai soup with chicken, coconut milk, Thai ginger, tomatoes, button mushrooms, lemon grass and lemon leaves (hot).
La corrupcion se extendio por todas partes, y el pleito entre Grau y Chibas dividio afila mas a todos aquellos revolucionarios de los anos treinta, la mayoria de los cuales habian vivido del chantaje al gobierno de Prio.
Before joining ASEAN, current ASEAN countries had supported rebels in twenty-nine Southeast Asian conflict dyads (calculated from UCDP/ PRIO Armed Conflict Data, version 2.
En esas circunstancias hizo contacto con Fidel el expresidente cubano Carlos Prio Socarras, repuesto del poder en 1952 mediante el golpe de Estado realizado por Batista.
When it comes to sanding the surround, using a detail sander (Bosch Prio, pounds 59.
Discussion of the involvement of the Prio Socarras government in drug trafficking is less than four-and-a-half pages.
Jamsostek (Persero) ("Jamsostek"), an Indonesian state-owned social security insurer, and the Republic of Indonesia ("Indonesia") claiming Jamsostek's negligent supervision of its employees enabled one of them, Prio Adhi Sartono, to commit commercial reinsurance fraud against Anglo-Iberia while he was in Colorado pursuing a Jamsostek-sponsored MBA.