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The studies, realised over the last years on these modern means of socialising with the electors (especially the young ones, less interested in the European Parliament elections, or for the first time voting), have proved that they regard them as having a more credible character than the other traditional mass-media components (Stoiciu, 2000; Pripp, 2002; Beciu, 2002; Balaban, 2009; Foux, 2006: 38-39).
(5.) Singh N, Pripp AH, Brekke T, Stray-Pedersen B.
Sivert Pripp, 44, Sweden: I'd buy a car and a nice place to live with lots of animals and my son would like a motorbike
So, the communication and the promotion are ways in which the population is informed about their political program and also to stimulate the interest in the tender policy (Mihalache, 2012: 73; Pripp, 2002: 101-102; Beciu, 1996; Beciu, 2002; Rus, 2002: 24; Rus, 2005; Thoveron: 1996; Ghilezan, 2000, Balaban, 2009a; Balaban, 2009b, Teodor, Nicula, 2012; Stoiciu, 2000; Foux, 2006).