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PRISAPublic Relations Institute of Southern Africa
PRISAPrudential Property Investment Separate Account
PRISAPublic Radio Internet Service Alliance
PRISAProgram Representing Immigrant Survivors of Abuse (Texas)
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PRISA is the world's leading Spanish and Portuguese-language business group in the fields of education, information and entertainment, via its multichannel range of "top-quality products".
PRISA Group is a family-owned developer and builder of green residential communities and resort hospitality projects in Puerto Rico and Florida with over 6,000 units in planning and construction, representing a value of over USD3 billion.
A PRISA Chartered Prac titioner (CPRP) and Lecturer at University of Johannesburg, Rene Benecke said that employers often question what students are actually learning at varsity and make remarks such as 'let me show you how the real world works.
In order to bring academia and practice closer together, articles should be published and presentations made at PRISA events.
PRISA, which has over 1,200 radio stations in 10 countries and market leadership in Spain, Colombia and Chile, will provide expertise and experience in radio programming tailored to regional preferences; a broad news gathering organisation in 22 countries; and high quality audiovisual production capacity in Spain, Portugal and the US.
PRISA is an open-end commingled fund with total assets of $3 billion, has been investing on behalf of pension funds since 1971.
In commenting on the agreement, Dave Bradford, managing director of Prudential Real Estate Investors (PREI) and senior portfolio manager for PRISA, said "This joint venture allows us to accomplish several goals, including reducing PRISA's exposure to large single assets and office holdings while retaining an investment in the strong Midtown Manhattan market.
In January, Intertech made headlines with the sale of HEI Hotels LLC, a Connecticut-based hotel operating company in which it holds a major interest, and the hotel properties that it owned in joint venture with PRISA II, an institutional real estate investment fund managed by Prudential Life Insurance Company.