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PRISMAPreferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses (healthcare)
PRISMAProviding Innovative Service Models and Assessment (EU)
PRISMAProbing Rotation and Interior of Stars: Microvariability and Activity
PRISMAPreparation of Regional Industry for the Single Market (EU)
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7,9) The reporting quality of meta-analyses in various areas remain suboptimal despite some improvements associated with the publication of the PRISMA statement.
Ten years later, the QUOROM statement was replaced by the PRISMA statement, which not only extended its applicability to systematic reviews, but also expanded the checklist to reflect progress that had been made in the science of systematic reviews.
The innovative software, which is part of McMurdo's new suite of PRISMA (Preparation, Response, Identification, Surveillance, Management, Acceleration) software solutions, provides Mission Control Center (MCC) operators with critical tools to better identify, locate and manage distress situations.
For writing the methods section of the systematic review the Cochrane guideline and PRISMA are quite explicit.
To find out, I identified those papers already published in the JMLA that met the first PRISMA checklist item: they had the word "systematic review" in the title.
We therefore encourage researchers to strive to maximise the quality and the reporting of their reviews by consulting the PRISMA statement at both the design and the reporting stages of their reviews.
External switches and controls have been minimized in the PRISMA 2 K to simplify the operation for parents and caregivers, and to eliminate the worry that an infant's head or hand movements may interfere with the instrument's operation.
On 1 January 2013, the PRISMA European Capacity Platform became the new brand for European gas capacity booking.
The PRISMA 2 instruments offer flexible four-channel technology with optimized compression control and output limiting.
The PRISMA 2 system also alerts patients with soft signals when it is time to change batteries.
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