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PRITPension Reserves Investment Trust
PRITPhysician Regulatory Issues Team
PRITPacific Rim Institute of Tourism (Canada)
PRITProblems of Information Transmission (Russian Academy of Sciences journal)
PRITParis Region Innovation Tour
PRITPanzirsch Robert Information Technology (Vienna, Austria)
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Valuing its local control, WRS has not turned its assets over to PRIT.
Dubois said the move to the PRIT fund was "the best thing for our members at this time.
Jointly, Shermco and PRIT will provide a strong network of electrical solutions to their clients in the Chicago Metropolitan Area, in addition to the surrounding states.
So it still remains much less diversified than the state fund or most of the 78 local funds that have their assets invested with PRIT.
Patrick on Monday is expected to sign legislation that will force the Worcester regional fund and about 24 other local funds whose performance has lagged behind the state's investment returns into PRIT.
Legislation passed by the state House of Representatives last week would force the fund to be taken over by the state, but next week's vote by the board would voluntarily merge the local assets with PRIT, which has significantly outperformed it, with an investment rate of return that has been more than two percentage points higher over the last decade.
Blanchette, and the board investment consultant, Kevin Leonard, yesterday appeared ready to move the fund's assets into PRIT, but there was no vote on the issue.
The PRIT systems uses microwaves (radio relay) run on solar energy to transmit signals, which is very efficient because of how quickly it can be installed and its low cost compared with satellite and fibre optic systems.
Donoghue, who went on paid sick leave from his $133,500-a-year job on June 5, has fiercely opposed the governor's PRIT takeover legislation, which state lawmakers may vote on as soon as this week.
The regional fund hasn't come close to matching PRIT and, given its built-in handicaps, is not likely to improve on its record.
The board is exploring the possibility of turning over the money to PRIT," Roger R.
When the Worcester Regional Retirement Board meets June 26, it should transfer management of its fund to the state Pension Reserves Investment Management Board, which supervises the $48 billion PRIT and dozens of other local funds.