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PRLPerl Programming Language (filename extension)
PRLPolo Ralph Lauren
PRLPhysical Review Letters
PRLPattern Recognition Letters
PRLProlactin (medical)
PRLPrevención de Riesgos Laborales
PRLPreferred Roaming List (cellular phones)
PRLPlan Rozwoju Lokalnego (Polish: Local Development Plan)
PRLPreferred Retinal Locus (vision)
PRLPhysical Research Laboratory (India)
PRLPreferred Roaming List
PRLPacket Reverb Lockout
PRLPittsburgh Research Laboratory
PRLParti Réformateur Libéral (Belgium Liberal Reformation Party)
PRLPolska Rzeczpospolita Ludowa (Poland)
PRLPlant Research Laboratory (Michigan State University)
PRLProbabilistic Record Linkage (healthcare)
PRLPhilips Research Laboratories (IRedhill, England)
PRLPlasma Research Laboratory
PRLParcs Résidentiels de Loisirs (French: Residential Leisure Parks)
PRLPhoto Red Light (various locations)
PRLPopulation Research Laboratory (University of Alberta)
PRLPrioritized Requirements List
PRLPlagas Removal Laser (Resident Evil 4 game)
PRLPakistan Refinery Ltd
PRLPhosphate Resources Limited (Christmas Island)
PRLPhotonics Research Laboratory (University of Melbourne, Australia)
PRLProcess Readiness Level
PRLProduction Rule Language
PRLProgram Related Logistics
PRLPlaga Removal Laser
PRLPrimate Research Laboratory (part of the NIH animal research program)
PRLPost Rate Limit
PRLPort Rail Line (Hong Kong)
PRLPersonnel Research Lab
PRLProfessional Renewal Leave (LANL)
PRLProgram Requirements List
PRLProgram Requirements Logic
PRLPulse Rebalance Loop
PRLProgram Review Memorandum
PRLPublications Requirements List
PRLProgrammatic Readiness Level
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We're blessed to have such a dedicated and skilled group of co-workers and they are the ones responsible for making PRL what it is today.
Abbreviations: ACTH, adrenocorticotroph adenoma; GH, growth hormone adenoma; GH+, Pit-1 family member with strong growth hormone and a lesser degree of prolactin or thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) staining; Gon, gonadotroph adenoma; Null, null cell adenoma; Pit1, Pit-1 family member (not otherwise specified); PlurGH, plurihormonal growth hormone adenoma; PlurGH+, plurihormonal growth hormone adenoma with lesser degrees of prolactin or TSH staining; PRL, prolactinoma; PRL+, Pit-1 family member with strong prolactin staining and lesser degree of growth hormone or thyrotropin staining; TSH+, TSH-producing adenoma with lesser degree of GH staining; Unk, unknown.
And, on Monday, any such idea seemed to be scotched when PRL confirmed their stance, indicating that Aviva players would not be released to Wales for the Wallaby match.
La concentracion promedio de PRL serica fue de 39,0 [+ o -] 59,5 ng/dL para el primer grupo y de 14,2 [+ o -] 7,2 ng/dL para el segundo grupo, con diferencias estadisticamente significativas (p=0,044).
Many analyses tend to consider culture in the times of the PRL and cultural policies as a tool for political agitation (11).
After paying for the additional equity in PRL 15 and equity in InterOil's exploration assets, Total will also pay Oil Search a further cash amount of USD 141.
Then, a constant amount of rabbit anti-PRL antibody (Ab1, 1 mg/mL) was mixed with different dilutions of PRL and incubated for 1 h at 37[degrees]C prior to application of the blocked ELISA plate.
The PRL gene of exon 4 sequences in Saudi sheep searched against other PRL sequences deposited in NCBI-GenBank database (Figure 1).
Reacting to the news, Wales coach Rob Howley (pictured left) said: "World Rugby and the PRL have come out and said all our players are available for preparations for the World Cup which is fantastic news.
PRL will reportedly be working very closely with Agricycle, a Lincolnshire-based agricultural plastics reprocessing business.
It has been reported that PRL gene transcription has been activated by number of factors including pituitary specific transcription factor (Pit-1) [7] CCAAT/enhancer binding protein [8] activine [9] and vasoactive intestinal peptide [10].