PRLCPhinney Ridge Lutheran Church (Seattle, WA)
PRLCPittsburgh Regional Library Center (Pittsburgh, PA)
PRLCPolo Ralph Lauren Corporation (fashion business)
PRLCProject for Recovery of Life and Culture
PRLCPacific Rim Literary Conference (Alaska)
PRLCPercentage of Root Length Colonized (plant pathology)
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PRLC chair Juan Carlos Gonzalez, a professor at the University of the Philippines Los Banos, said the first-time inclusion of invertebrates was made possible by the strong collaboration between scientists and institutions, allowing more knowledge sharing and research about species otherwise ignored.
According to a PRLC article in the Sylvatrop journal, overharvesting is the most commonly cited threat to invertebrate species.
AGRA: Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa ANOVA: Analysis of variance BNF: Biological nitrogen fixation CP: Cowpea Cu: Copper EPA: Extension Planning Area [H.sub.2][O.sub.2]: Hydrogen peroxide HSD: Honest significant difference ISFM: Integrated soil fertility management K: Potassium KOH: Potassium hydroxide LSD: Least significant difference LUANAR: Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources MZ: Maize N: Nitrogen P: Phosphorus PP: Pigeon pea PRLC: Percent root length colonised RCBD: Randomized complete block design USDA: United States Department of Agriculture VAM: Vesicular arbuscular mycorrhiza Zn: Zinc.
After the initiative passes, PARAL and PRLC bring suit, contending that the initiative violates their First Amendment right to association.
The party organizations, like PARAL and PRLC, have as much autonomy as they wish, though they too may be upset that the new initiative leads to candidates being more moderate on issues important to the parties.
First, they may argue that in the hypothetical, voters in the general election choose a candidate identified simply as "pro-choice" or "anti-abortion," not as the "PARAL" or "PRLC" candidate.
A second and related argument distinguishing my hypothetical from the Jones case is that voters in the hypothetical merely label themselves as "pro-choice" or "anti-abortion" rather than as members of PARAL or PRLC; in contrast, voters in the traditional primary identify themselves as members of the parties by registering as a "Democrat" or "Republican." Voters thus "join" each party as the "party-in-the-electorate" to instruct the party organization regarding who the party nominee should be; voters in my hypothetical do not join PARAL or PRLC to instruct each organization how to vote.
As part of "The Campaign for the Pittsburgh Regional Library Center," PRLC hopes to move to permanent quarters.
It is through PRLC's resource sharing and electronic networking capabilities that the universe of information becomes available to library users in the most cost-effective way.
After almost a quarter-century of experience, PRLC has learned that there is more to library resource sharing than just linking computers.
If you have any doubt that what PRLC envisions to be its role as only one single network, look back to the OCLC Newsletter of September/October 1989 (no.