PRMEPrinciples for Responsible Management Education
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A concept paper circulated by Manuel Escudero (2006), who was then Head of the PRME Secretariat, outlined a new vision for schools of business and management to meet the changing demands of the decades to come.
When the UNGC explicitly ventured into the world of business education with their PRME initiative, they took on a network of individuals and institutions who were not only invaluable with regard to the development of the business leaders need for a sustainable future, but who were also dealing with their own challenges around relevance and impact.
Para Escudero (2008), os PRME consistem em uma acao mundial para a atualizacao dos conteudos programaticos, da investigacao e dos metodos de ensino das escolas de gestao e de outras instituicoes academicas relacionadas com esta area, para fazer face as realidades e exigencias sociais do seculo XXI, passando a incluir, na educacao dos futuros gestores, os valores da sustentabilidade e da responsabilidade empresarial.
com)-- The 6th PRME Asia Forum was organized by Goa Institute of Management at Goa, India on 27-28 November, 2015.
The survey was conducted online with PRME signatory schools, and examined the values, attitudes and reported behavior (community engagement) of business students in 78 countries.
com)-- With a month to go for the big event, Goa Institute of Management gears up to host the PRME Asia Forum on Responsible Management Education.
It is also the only such initiative directly connected with the United Nations, spawning a host of specific issue platforms such as Every Woman Every Child, Sustainable Energy for All, and Caring for the Climate, as well as the PRI and PRME.
PRME ) to put up gasification units for its urea plants.
The Principles of Responsible Management Education Forum - better known as PRME - is an organisation supported by the United Nations.
PRME is at once a set of principles (see Table 1) and an initiative.