PRNDPark, Reverse, Neutral, Drive (positions of automotive automatic transmission)
PRNDPetite Riviere and New Dublin (Anglican Parishes)
PRNDPreventive Radiological/Nuclear Detection
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There are scores of different ways you can change your gears, from standard PRND auto and Drive-Sport to playing Schumacher with the paddle-shifts behind the steering wheel or switching to Dynamic Mode, which reprograms the gearbox for faster changes.
so targets are cell phones, PDAs, and keypads for handheld telecom or computer equipment, as well as industrial control panels and interior automotive parts such as HVAC covers and PRND shift covers.
When a vehicle is equipped with this control unit from the automotive supplier Continental, you notice straight away since the classic gear selector in the center console is missing, since the DSM is a core element of the so-called "shift by wire" system, where the PRND gear pre-selection is no longer transferred to the transmission by mechanical but rather by electrical pulses.