PRNDLPark, Reverse, Neutral, Drive, Low (automatic transmission positions)
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Two of the biggest IMD uses for the company's films have been in heater controls (HVAC) and gear-shift ground consoles (PRNDL).
They include textures such as velvet and suede, as well as high- and low-gloss looks for applications such as PRNDL, HVAC bezels, and other parts of the instrument panel.
At present, current applications are limited to instrument cluster gauge backlighting, gear shift ("PRNDL") illumination, window and lock control buttons in doors, and most recently, as "mood lighting" on the ultra-luxury Maybach 62 and 2003 Mercedes E-Class--semi-transparent roof EL liner membranes whose diffused light intensity can be controlled by rear seat passengers.
Interior enhancements include a revised instrument cluster with digital odometer, dual trip meter, and PRNDL indicator on 4ECT models.
Rapid movement from park to drive may cause a problem in the PRNDL indicator and cause brief engagement of reverse.
Likewise, push the "D" button on the PRNDL pad located next to the interface and you're ready roll.
Find helpful tips on selecting lubricants, plus more than 125 components for which Nye has designed specific oils and greases: airbag cutoff switches, EGR sensors, TPS connectors, PRNDL actuators ...
* Automotive: In-mold decorating was determined to be the best option for the automatic-transmission PRNDL (park, reverse, neutral, drive, and low) bezel graphics of the 1997 Chrysler Sebring convertible.
The automaker is recalling the vehicle because the 'PRNDL' cable is likely to break at the attachment to the transmission control selector arm assembly mounted on the steering column.