PRNETPacket Radio Network
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As an initial matter, PRNET and SATNET created the possibility of multipath routing by employing broadcast technologies capable of simultaneously transmitting the same packet to multiple recipients instead of establishing a connection and transferring packets between two specific hosts.
Perhaps the most celebrated demonstration of how gateways could facilitate the interconnection of heterogeneous networks occurred in 1977, when a communication initiated by a truck connected to the PRNET in the San Francisco area was routed through the ARPANET to London, transmitted via SATNET from London to West Virginia, rerouted again through an ARPANET connection in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and delivered to the University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute in Marina del Rey, California.
IEEE, 1468, 1488-90 (1978) (describing and diagramming the PRNET).
The next PRNet event, the 2006 Spring PRNet PR/Marketing Conference, will be held April 30-May 2 in Coral Gables, Fla.
The next PRNet event, the Fall PRNet Interactive Workshop, will take place October 17-18 in Memphis, Tenn.
"At one moment, I may be professing the association's position on universal service to a reporter, and the next, I am negotiating speaker contracts for the next PRNet marketing conference," she said.
Everyone has a creative bug in them, or so said speakers at the 2003 Fall PRNet Interactive Workshop, "Unleash Your Creativity," November 17-18, in Atlanta, Ga.
The next PRNet event will be the PRNet PR/Marketing Conference, April 25-27, at the Hilton in Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla.
Each year, NTCA's Meetings Division handles the logistics behind the association's close to 40 meetings and educational events, including the Annual Meeting & EXPO, Fall Conference, PRNet meetings and customer service seminars.
Be it the Annual Meeting, Fall Conference, Telecom Executive Forum or the Human Resources Conference and PRNet meetings, NTCA offers educational programming to fit just about every telco employee.
More than 180 marketing, customer service and public relations professionals from NTCA member companies descended upon New Orleans for the PRNet 2003 PR/Marketing Seminar, April 27-29.
Eager to greet old friends, make new ones and equip themselves with the skills needed to "Boost Marketing Power with Research," 73 marketing executives from NTCA member companies across the country convened in Houston, November 1--2, for the NTCA PRNet 2001 Fall Interactive Workshop.