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PRNGPseudo-Random Number Generator
PRNGPuerto Rico National Guard
PRNGPenicillin Resistant Neisseria Gonorrhea
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2 million on Closing will be made to PRNG to purchase a 2% Gross Smelter Royalty.
Forms of security customary for a transaction of this type have been agreed and are to be registered including share pledges over the shares in PAM, PRNG and asset level security given by PRNG.
This is also a very undesirable situation since it makes the outputs of the PRNG not random at all.
The reader generates and saves a pseudo random number r by utilizing PRNG and sends a query request to the tag.
First, N pixels in the stego-image are selected for data extracting by using a PRNG seeded with a user-defined seed.
A good simulation toolkit will provide high quality PRNGs, such as the Mersenne Twister PRNG [64], with extremely large periods, low statistical correlation, and the ability to produce random numbers according to arbitrary (non-uniform) distributions.
Once the selection had been made, the PRNG would choose a target between 1 and 6 using the biases allocated to the six boxes for that particular trial.
decided by hand shuffling, or use of PRNG, true RNG, or mechanical shuffler; Entry point decided by die casting, etc.
The contract / agreement is a) develop a generalized model of the terrain,b) the development of object classes Karto on terrain based on data from the DTM,c) the development of object classes Karto based on data BDOT10k, PRNG and PRGd) the editorial content of the topographic map at a scale of 1:10 000, along with verification of intimate BDOT10k,e) the development of terrain shading method,f) editors sheets of topographic maps at a scale of 1:10 000 with box, legend and descriptions pozaramkowymi,g) the digital and print sheet plotters topographic maps.