PRNOCPacific Regional Network Operation Center
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III SP3 upgrade at NCTS Bahrain) --NCTAMS LANT, Norfolk, VA (primarily for CBSP) * Pacific Region Network Operations Center (PRNOC) at NCTAMS Pacific --NCTAMS PAC, Wahiawa, Hawaii --Camp Roberts, California --Fort Buckner, Okinawa, Japan
The PRNOC staff found that the Pacific Region network, which uses the open shortest path first (OSPF) routing protocol, would sometimes exhibit unusual or unexplained behavior.
Ultimately, the FSEs might find that a ship had made an improper route announcement, inadvertently setting itself up as a default route through which all network traffic from other ships would pass (instead of each ship connecting directly to the PRNOC, as specified by standard operating procedures).
"Our customers--ships, submarines, mobile commands--would connect and disconnect at will, with an interior gateway protocol such as OSPF assuming that everyone is just one big happy family," recalls Stanford Wong, also a PRNOC. FSE, "OSPF works by flooding all connection information, in the form of OSPF link-state advertisements (LSAs), throughout the routing domain.
What the PRNOC staff needed was a clear, graphical picture of the OSPF network topology--a map of the network routes that would show them instantly where erroneous routes were causing problems.