PRNTPlaque Reduction Neutralization Test
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Because some patients did not receive PRNT results during the study period, we used CDC guidelines for areas (Puerto Rico) where PRNT was not recommended and relied on the IgM results (9).
PRNT cannot distinguish between maternal and infant antibodies in specimens collected from infants at or near birth; however, based on what is known about other congenital infections, maternal antibodies are expected to become undetectable by age 18 months and might become undetectable earlier (31).
If a positive or equivocal result is obtained, additional testing using PRNT must be performed by the CDC or a CDC-designated laboratory for confirmation.
5] Nonstandard abbreviations: ZIKV, Zika virus; DENV, dengue virus; CHIKV, Chikungunya virus; GBS, Guillain-Barre syndrome; RT-PCR, reverse transcription PCR; FDA, US Food and Drug Administration; PRNT, plaque reduction neutralization test; NIAID, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease.
Any PRNT titer greater than 10 should be interpreted as proof of infection with the specific tested flavivirus, if the titer is less than 10 for other tested flaviviruses.
Enmienda CaO N EQ EG PRNT Cal 56[R] 56 7 100 -- -- Surkal[R] 54 6 96 -- -- Sur Flow 54 -- 96 100 96 Calcio[R] EQ = Equivalente quimico EG = Eficiencia granulometrica PRNT = Poder relativo de neutralizacion total * Datos del fabricante.
However, detection of viral RNA by RT-PCR on blood or tissue can be carry out, hence a [greater than or equal to] 4-fold rise antibody titers by PRNT in acute and convalescent serum specimens can be carry out (5).
2014 revealed that 133 (34%) patients were positive by the EIA IgM screening test and 105 (27%) were confirmed by PRNT testing.
Blood specimens from the patient were laboratory tested at the Institut Pasteur de Dakar and found to be IgM positive by ELISA and confirmed with PRNT.
Neutralizing antibodies (NAb) were also measured by PRNT but were not detected in animals inoculated with VecD2, even after four DNA inoculations (data not shown).
Sapkal, Scientist B, NIV, Pune, availed Training on Standard Protocols and Testing of PMS Samples Using PRNT Procedures at Mahidol University, Bangkok (August 16-30, 2009).
Twelve out of the 13 (92,8 %) samples from YF cases were confirmed by PRNT, returning neutralising titres greater than 1/10; only one case (sample 22) had no detectable YFV neutralising antibody, but it did have epidemiological confirmation.