PRNUPhoto Response Non Uniformity
PRNUParty of Romanian National Unity (est. 1990; Romania)
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More savvy cybercriminals could potentially remove the PRNU from their device.
The Sindi Peninsula is located on the riverside section of the Natura 2000 list in the natural area of the Prnu River, which is part of the spawning stock and habitat of salmon, river trout, sea trout and habitat.
The purpose of this study is to analyze the possible alternatives to the Prnu Commodity Terminal in terms of additional possibilities for the Rail Baltica project, together with an analysis of the technical constraints arising from the location of the Rail Baltica route.
5 m2) at Ristiku tn 1 in Prnu, carrying out stages I and III, as well as drawing up work drawings and drawings.
Maintenance of ehitajate tee floodplating in prnu, 2018-2023, In accordance with the conditions set out in the procurement documents.
Prnu, Viljandi and lne counties for the provision of lighting and traffic lights and maintenance services for the years 2018-2022.
Under a public procurement contract, Sa will be licensed by microsoft for three (3) years at the prnu hospital.
Contract notice: Providing icebreaking services for navigation in prnu and the gulf of riga.
3) name and address of the contracting authority public limited medical group 10195499 prnu mnt 499-6 laagri hamlet, Saue parish, Harjumaa 76401 estonia phone: +372 6140801 e-mail: Kadri@meditsiinigrupp.