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59) See, eg, Equiticorp Industries Group Ltd v Hawkins [No 4] (1992) 5 PRNZ 484; Equiticorp Industries Group Ltd v Hawkins [1994] BCL 198.
14) Which can cause difficulties where the defendant ship is either unbaptised (see Fletcher Steel v Unnamed Double Ended Gravel Dredge, Unreported, AD22, High Court, Dunedin, 27 July 1988) or has changed its name frequently (see Tomita v The Unnamed Vessel formerly known as 'Amami Taiki Go' and also known as 'Intrepid' (2000) 16 PRNZ 459).
51) Bank of Nakhodka v The Ship 'Abruka' (1996) 10 PRNZ 219, 223: 'In this case, the plaintiff bank has arrested the Abruka.