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PROBPeople's Republic of Bangladesh
PROBPeer Review Oversight Board (accounting; Missouri and Texas)
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However, there was a positive correlation between the GLOB strategy use and the RC test scores, r = .90, p = .01, between the PROB strategy use and the RC test scores, r = .88, p = .01, and between the SUP strategy use and the RC test scores, r = .84, p = .01, all of which were statistically significant.
Third confidential (C3) exchange rate lag one result indicated the Prob.*0.0000 that indicates significance level with stock market index.
THE PROB: Too often, girls bash other girls to make themselves feel better.
No prob. "I feel like a balloon chase-car," he laughs.
Also, Navy representatives are conducting quarterly closure meetings and working closely with DFAS and DSCA to identify cases that should be closed and identify systemic prob lems in other cases.
Prob (I [cap] [\A\.sub.-j] = [hat{k}] - 1\[s.sub.j] = i) = [Psi](1 - r)[p.sup.[hat{k}]][(1 - p).sup.n-[hat{k}]],
With sufficiently many tosses, we shall be in a position to infer wit considerable confidence Prob (H[where]T) and Prob (H[where] [is approximate to] T) for the collections of coins in the treatment and non-treatment groups, respectively.
Since the probability distribution curve for X is completely under the curves for Y and Z, X prob Y and X[<or = to][.sub.prob] Z.
From Twitter Follow The Journal on Twitter @TheJournalNews @Joey7Barton (Joseph Barton) I'll prob get a letter about the last few tweets.
PAL PROB: You're heading to the beach with your family, and your parents said you could bring a friend along.