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PROBAProject for On-Board Autonomy (technology demonstration missions of the European Space Agency)
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Also, within the framework of the project, SES Techcom developed and implemented the ground data processing centre, which retrieves, processes, analyses and stores all ADS-B data received from the Proba V satellite.
b) forma ceruta pentru probarea actului juridic, nerespectarea acesteia atragand imposibilitatea dovedirii actului cu un alt mijloc de proba;
(9) In una seconda e terza fase redazionale vengono poi aggiunte anche il De Proba, il De romana iuvencula e il De coniugibus Meniarum (Tabella 1).
Demetrias's mother and grandmother, Juliana and Proba, "having shaped" Demetrias "for honest morals from the onset of [her] youth," now "desire to be surpassed" by her.(33) Like a male child who has passed his father on the cursus honorum, the classical Roman ladder of magisterial offices, Demetrias transcends the glory of her female ancestors while adding to it.
The following will discuss Panormita's adaptation of the defensio, or what for our purposes might also be called the pagina lasciva vita proba argument, both in his epigrams and in his letters, against the background not only of his literary forbears but of other Renaissance neo-Latin poets.
The cento of Proba has recently enjoyed a remarkable upsurge of scholarly interest.
His postwar verse was published in Rzut pionowy (1952; "Vertical Movement"), Najmniej slow (1955; "The Minimum of Words"), Naredzie ze swiatla (1958, "Tools of Light"), and Proba calosci (1961, "A Try for Completeness").
The fifth chapter is entitled "Women Writers in Rome and Their Successors" and it covers mainly Sulpicia, Proba, and Egeria.
Among well - known examples are the Homerocentones, taken by Byzantine compilers from Homer, the Cento Vergilianus by Proba Falconia (4th century), which used Vergil to relate biblical history, and the Christian hymns devised by the monk Metellus (12th century) from the works of Vergil and Horace.
He revea Peach I m afterwar angry w proba ene it He reveals: "At the time, with Peach I mean, immediately afterwards, I was extremely angry with her and probably that was the energy you discerned, it wasn't a positive thing at all."
Yesterday, he was given three years' proba t ion a nd ordered to carry out 2 4 0 h o u r s o f community service.
They would proba bly argue that it was so they would have a better understanding of the situation.