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PROBEProxy Based Estimating (software development)
PROBEPublic Report on Basic Education in India (1999)
PROBEProvincial Broadband Extension (New Zealand)
PROBEProgram Optimization & Budget Evaluation
PROBEPilot Radiation Observation Experiment (Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Climate Research Facility; US Department of Energy)
PROBEProspective, Randomized, Open, Blinded End-Point (clinical trial design)
PROBEPersonal Research on Basically Everything (education)
PROBEPreternatural Research Bureau (Doctor Who spinoff series)
PROBEProject Review and Objective Evaluation (health records; UK)
PROBEProse Reading Observation Evaluation (New Zealand)
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Here are eight useful hints for selecting the right probe and making your scope probing better.
When installing any cochlear implant, a surgeon threads its electrode-studded probe into the cochlea's inward-spiraling interior.
A lamp within the analyzer transmits light via the fiber-optic probe to illuminate the melt stream.
Legacy points out that unlike other CMM manufacturers, Zeiss makes all of the major elements of the CMM: the scanning probe head, scanning controller, and software.
3] operates in a vacuum environment, and because the space available for the probe is very limited, it was impractical to use a typical, commercial AFM probe that senses the force by measuring the deflection of a cantilever using an optical-beam, lever arm.
A review of a consecutive series of 334 pharyngeal-positive pH studies at our center demonstrated that 126 (38%) had normal esophageal acid exposure times in the esophageal probe.
The Naber's probe or the Furcation probe is a blunt ended instrument that is used buccally and lingually on the periodontal structure to locate possible furcation involvement.
Bradley Patterson, an environmental chemist with CSIRO Land and Water, is part of a team that has developed a small electrochemical probe that can be buried in a mine waste site.
Furthermore, probe production must be quick because the activity of their radioactive elements decreases rapidly.