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PROBESProcesses and Resources Of the Bering Sea Shelf
PROBESPuerto Rico Ocean Bottom Earthquake Survey (geology)
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For high-frequency applications of >600 MHz that demand precision across a broad frequency range, active probes are the way to go.
The devices translate sounds into electric signals that travel to a narrow probe covered with electrodes.
One of Equitech's specialties is creating probes for all types of situations.
When the pharyngeal probe is positive, it is diagnostic for LPR.
Most traditional probes are marked with 1-millimeter increments with the 4 and 6 mm marking absent.
Patterson says the probes are made of ridged polyvinyl chloride, an inert substance resistant to the acidic environment that occurs in these sites, and they can detect oxygen in air and water at concentrations as low as 0.
With additional chip designs, the production of multiple radioactive probes will be as easy as swapping chips, say Quake and coauthor Hsian-Rong Tseng of the University of California, Los Angeles.
Typical CMM's consist primarily of a 3D measuring area with a touch-sensitive probe arm attached vertically to an overhead gantry or horizontally to a vertical guidebar.