PROCAPProtection Capability
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Procap has invested heavily in the design of a lightweight solution that allows fillers to save both on cost and C02 emissions.
In 1996, Riddell effectively signed the ProCap's death warrant, stating that Riddell's warranty would be negated if their helmets were modified with the use of the ProCap.
Step one begins with the projected capacitive (PROCAP) touch display.
The sale to Procap is for 1.7 million [pounds sterling].
(15.) Providing capacity to do protection: ProCap. Special Issue: Putting IDPs on the Map.
Either way, if we like the deal, we'll put our money in it." But Layne says his clients, which now include NFL Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Lavon Kirkland and NBA Milwaukee Bucks star Ray Allen, aren't invested in ProCap the company, but rather some are invested in ProCap deals.
The project will comply with the requirements of the Federal Service for Obstacle Free Building (Procap).
Procap has patented a pioneering technology that moves the two tabs of the TE band up the top of the closure during capping.
SCOTT HEALTH AND SAFETY has launched Procap, a fully integrated headtop that combines head, eye, face, hearing, welding and respiratory protection in a single headpiece.
Scott Health and Safety has announced the launch of 'Procap', a new fully integrated headtop - combining head, eye, face, hearing, welding and respiratory protection in a single no compromise headpiece.
Applications are invited for Consultancy for Management Review of the IASC projects: GenCap and ProCap.