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PRODProduction Value (Hockey stat = Ice time divided by points scored)
PRODProposed Deletion (Wikimedia Foundation)
PRODPolitical Research: Organization and Design (journal)
PRODPolicy Reform Options Database (Central Bureau of Health Intelligence; India)
PRODParental Rights and Obligations Department
PRODPrompt Return Obsolete of Document
PRODProfessional Drivers Council, Inc.
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Prod: Ron Davis, Karin Reid Offield, Paul Blavin, Clay Westervelt, Nancy Knox Talcott.
As estimativas dos coeficientes de correlacao linear de Pearson dos pares de caracteres (NVP e PROD, NSV e PROD e MCG e PROD), entre os nove experimentos, foram comparadas por meio do teste [chi square], a 5% de probabilidade, conforme metodologia descrita em FERREIRA (2009).
He added: "But I'll definitely be investing in a shark prod."
In the North, however, where hundreds of thousands of potential carriers of Prod Flu roam the streets with impunity, Catholic leaders are demanding complete segregation in education and housing.
The cows - blindfolded and wearing rubber gloves as udders - were guided through an obstacle course of manure by farmers using the prods.
Designed to help managers become leaders, "Where Did I Put That Cattle Prod?" is filled with suggestions about hiring, motivating and keeping employees.
BUSINESS: Prod Mfgr, Spec Print SVCS: Items, Order Form Envelopes MIN: 10M SPEC: Cat, Fund, Publ INF0: Smpl
PROD MNHRS consists of the total number of hours employees have worked during the month, including salary, raises, bonuses, overtime, temporary staff replacements, and shift differentials.
Innes McKinnon, 28, and David Dryden, 29, died in a blast after a probe sheared off a test prod in an electricity sub-station in Barrhead, Renfrewshire, last April.
BUSINESS: Lttshp SVCS/PRODS: Print/Lttshp: Print (Offset, Laser), Address, Barcod/Sort, Insert, Label, Personal, Hand Assembly; Envlp: Mail Tubes DM SVCS: Data Process, Fulf, List Mgmt, Wareh, Direct Mail Prod, Dbase Mgmt SML JOB: 1M pcs/qty; LRG JOB: 100M pcs/qty; FACILS/STATES: 1-NJ SPEC: Cons, B-to-B, Fin INFO: Broc, Smpl