PRODEMFundacion para la Promocion y Desarrollo de la Microempresa (Spanish)
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The following ratings and assessments of Banco Prodem S.A.
The following ratings were assigned to Banco Prodem S.A.:
They have the immense advantage of linkages beyond the local, for example PRODEM brought strength to the struggle when it was able to look further afield, specifically to the less benign political environment of Jakarta, and UPLINK turned to practices in similar situations in Thailand.
(1.) Examples include BancoSol and PRODEM in Bolivia; Banka Rakyat and Badan Kredit in Indonesia; BRAC in Bangladesh; Pride Africa in Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, and Uganda; and FINADEV in Benin.
Se observo que FIE y Caja Los Andes prestaban a poblacion no pobre cercana a la linea de pobreza; BancoSol prestaba a clientes en torno a la linea de pobreza; y PRODEM (Fundacion para la Promocion y Desarrollo de la Microempresa) y Sartawi prestaban a poblacion pobre cercana a la linea de pobreza.
In Bolivia, meanwhile, micro-finance institution Prodem FFP turned to the cards to solve problems faced by rural residents.
These Bolivian elites became the board of directors for PRODEM (Fundacion para la Promocion y Desarrollo de la Microempresa), an NGO jointly launched in 1986 by these Bolivian leaders, who provided the seed money, local leadership, local contacts, and influence with the Bolivian government.
There are exceptions: PRODEM, an NGO in Bolivia spun off a commercial bank, BancoSol whose portfolio is entirely built on microloans (Gonzales-Vega, et al, 1996).
BancoSol was created by PRODEM, a nonprofit organization that specialized in making loans.