PRODEMFundacion para la Promocion y Desarrollo de la Microempresa (Spanish)
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They have the immense advantage of linkages beyond the local, for example PRODEM brought strength to the struggle when it was able to look further afield, specifically to the less benign political environment of Jakarta, and UPLINK turned to practices in similar situations in Thailand.
Existen varios estudios que demuestran el impacto positivo sobre la reduccion de la pobreza que han tenido los programas de microcredito aplicados por IMF regidas por marcos regulatorios especializados, tales como el BancoSol, CRECER Y PRODEM en Bolivia, Mi Banco y la red de Edpymes en Peru; o bancos e instituciones, que aplican las llamadas "tecnologia del microcredito" (diferente de las "practicas" aplicadas por la banca tradicional), tales como el famoso Banco Grameen en Bangladesh y la Asociacion de Grupos Solidarios (AGS) en Colombia.
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PRODEM offered Bolivia's poor access to credit and training.
The demand for micro loans was massive, but PRODEM was meeting less than 2% of it (Smith, 1997).
There are exceptions: PRODEM, an NGO in Bolivia spun off a commercial bank, BancoSol whose portfolio is entirely built on microloans (Gonzales-Vega, et al, 1996).
BancoSol was created by PRODEM, a nonprofit organization that specialized in making loans.
n-Logue, an Indian company that is wirelessly connecting hundreds of rural villages at a capital cost of approximately $1 per customer; -- Voxiva, a start-up that offers automated business applications to small- and medium-sized enterprises over the phone in Peru; -- eChoupal, a network of Internet kiosks that has enabled Indian company ITC's agribusiness division to lower its procurement costs while paying its farmers more; -- PRODEM, a Bolivian microfinance organization that uses multilingual smart-card ATMs to substantially reduce its marginal cost per customer.