PRODEXProduct Model Exchange Using STEP
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The PRODEX programme under which scientific instruments or sub-systems are provided requires an industrial share of at least 50% of the overall project.
They include proDEX (implementation of some DEX extensions, for example using probabilistic values in decision rules), JDEXi (an open-source Java library for evaluation of alternatives), DEXiEval (a command-line utility program for evaluation of alternatives), and DEXiTree (a program for pretty drawing of DEXi trees).
HPM has also announced enhancements to its Prodex series of extruders.
"No other application provides users with the ability to import addresses from text documents or provides an instant one-record transfer," said Chandra Bodapati, president of ProdEx Technologies.
OEMs rely on ProDex to quickly deliver safe and reliable solutions, allowing them to focus on their core business.
Dried pellets were melt cast using a Prodex 1" single-screw extruder.
Prodex extruders are available in screw sizes ranging from 2" to 10".
Mark Murphy is president and CEO of ProDex, Inc., an Irvine, Calif.-based design, development, and contract manufacturer for medical device OEMs.
Prodex profile extruder can be supplied for all profile sizes with or without a downstream system.
The resins were extruded through a 25-mm Prodex single-screw extruder at 240[degrees]C and transformed into a wide sheet with an 8-inch (203-mm)-wide T-die.
The high-output Prodex III extruder is said to offer processors a variety of benefits, including increased output, the ability to run different materials without changing the screw, increased rpm (up to 800) and fast color changes, according to the literature.