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PRODSPCS Reservation Obligations Database System
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At an unusually urgent prod, Tiha dropped a stone and was duly goaded while she sank to her knees and with one arm scooped it in against her side, regained her feet, and waddled on.
A warmly administered prod broke through her stoicism and started her tottering along.
That is a very strong prod of yours," said Johnston, shaking his grizzled head as he glanced at the thick arch and powerful strings of his rival's arbalest.
com) Corn Prod Mgr: Terry Winterland (twinter@dienerseeds.
The cows - blindfolded and wearing rubber gloves as udders - were guided through an obstacle course of manure by farmers using the prods.
Innes McKinnon, 28, and David Dryden, 29, died in a blast after a probe sheared off a test prod in an electricity sub-station in Barrhead, Renfrewshire, last April.
BUSINESS: DM Print, Cat Print, Spec Print, Spec Envlp/Pkg Mfgr, Lttshp, Direct Mail Prod Agcy SVCS/PRODS: Print/Lttshp: Print (Offset, Laser), Address, Barcod/Sort, Bind, Burst/Fold, Insert, Label, Personal; Envlp: Emboss Stk, Multi-Clr, Poly, Recyc Paper DM SVCS: Creative, Data Process, Project Plan SML JOB: 5M; LRG JOB: 10MM; FACILS/STATES: 1-MN SPEC: Cons, B-to-B, Cat, Fund, Fin, Publ, Retail INFO: Broc, Special Reports & Free Analysis DESCRIPTION: Authority on producing 1:1 Direct Mail.
Allied Kelite Div, Melrose Park, IL Bel-Ray Co Inc, Farmingdale, NJ Dow Corning Corp, Midland, MI Graphite Prods Co, Brookfield, OH Hoffman Foundry Supply Co, Cleveland, OH Keystone Industrial Lubricants, King Of Prussia, PA Milcahp Products, Milwaukee, WI Stahl Specialty Co.