PROFETPrevention of Falls In the Elderly Trial
PROFETProtected FET (intelligent power switches; Infineon)
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Profet notes that menstrual blood differs in composition from regular blood, notably because it contains immune cells called macrophages.
The enforced cessation of menses, from Profet's perspective, would be harmful to a woman's health.
Profet first had to prove his hearing loss was caused by rifle and mortar fire during training as well as from his work as an Army engineer at a power plant in Greenland in the 1940s.
Like many of the program's clients, Profet is persistent, but for years his determination was not enough to earn him benefits from VA.
This protection, says Profet, more than offsets the nontrivial loss of iron and other nutrients that results from menstrual bleeding.
See, e.g., Boulton and Smith, Profet, and Silverman and Eals, all in The Adapted Mind, ed.J.
For example, Emily Martin notes that menses, commonly described in medical texts as wasted or failed production, can instead be described as having the positive functions of continuously cleansing the lining and replenishing the nonpregnant uterus.(28) This radical idea has been further developed by the biologist Margie Profet, who suggest that menstruation evolved as a mechanism for protecting the uterus and Fallopian tubes against harmful microbes delivered by incoming sperm.(29)
It has been suggested (Profet, 1992), from an evolutionary perspective, that enhanced smell sensitivity is an adaptive mechanism designed to protect the developing fetus by altering the food intake patterns of pregnant women, particularly in the first trimester.
En el capitulo 8--Capitalisms and Robots--los autores alertan de la vision distopica que estan generando los llamados gurus de la tecnologia, a los que denominan "The profets of the new machine age", en referencia a los profesores de MIT Brynjolfsoon & McAfee autores de "The Second Machine Age." Para Fredriky Bjorn el razonamiento que utilizan muchos de ellos es similar al del comunismo o socialismo planificador del siglo XIX, salvo que en la actualidad la sociedad estaria controlada por la capacidad de computacion y algoritmos que relegan las decisiones y trabajos de las personas a las maquinas.