PROFIBUS-DPProcess Field Bus - Decentral Peripherals
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The SRW01 is an extremely versatile plug-and-play unit that allows easy installation of accessories such as current measuring units, Modbus RTU, DeviceNet and Profibus-DP communication modules, and also an HMI for monitoring and programming of the smart relay.
Other features include memory for up to 300 products, with independent ID fields and optional interfaces, including Ethernet, analog, Profibus-DP and more.
Available in shaft and hollow shaft versions, the encoder features SSI, CANopen and Profibus-DP integrated interfaces, or DeviceNet and EtherCAT interfaces on units with modular bus covers.
It is used to carry molten metal at speeds of up to 8 metres per minute, and is one of the very few in the world to be controlled by a PLC and digital frequency inverters connected over the Profibus-DP communication network.
Built on the IS015693 13.56 MHz HF standard, BLident can be integrated into existing platforms and supports PROFIBUS-DP, DeviceNet, Modbus-TCP, PROFINET and EtherNet/IP.
LioN compact I/O modules for DeviceNet and Profibus-DP applications are comprised of two housing styles, the LioN-S and the LioN-M.
They can support most bus system outputs, including CANopen, DeviceNet and Profibus-DP. The non-contact kit features a rotor system that eliminates mechanical failure associated with wear from moving parts.
From top-down, that hierarchy comprises Ethernet TCP/IP for connecting all machine controls, PROFIBUS-DP for machine intelligence and distributed I/O, Beros, and control devices with AS-interface for actuators/sensors, and MPI (multipoint interface) for programming devices and operator panels.
Designed to interface thermocouple and millivolt signals directly to a ProfiBus-DP network, the new 965PB input modules do not require a separate bus coupler such as modular or block I/O devices.
Serial interface and fieldbus options includes: RS232, RS485, Profibus-DP, CAN Open and Sercos.
The links are used as a simple gateway that links the Profibus-DP and Profibus-PA bus systems whereby the data transmission between the networks are "decoupled." This means they can be combined without compromising the process performance on the DP side of the system.