PROFISProfessional Filler System (US DoD)
PROFISProfessional Officer Filler Information System (US DoD)
PROFISProfessional Internet Solution (Klaipeda, Lithuania)
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PROFIS is a system used to fill professional personnel voids (such as physicians, lawyers, and civil engineers) when a unit deploys.
When updating the tactical SOP, be sure to consider the PROFIS physician's recommendations about the types of medications to stock and the quality assessment and quality control rotation schedule for medications.
The permanent 66HM5/8A would need augmentation through the AMEDD Professional Filler System (PROFIS), * adding an additional 5 or 6 nurses per medical evacuation unit, which would provide for a rotation of the 66HM5/8A in shifts with the accompanying flight medics.
Those individuals with more TIS expressed strong disagreement with the statements "predeployment training for professional filler system (PROFIS) * personnel was adequate for their roles and responsibilities" and "our unit utilized nonstandard (non-Department of Defense) automated equipment and/or commercial systems and programs for operations." Respondents who spent more months in theater were much more likely than those with fewer months to have favorable views of their units' predeployment training and the use of updated materials from lessons learned.
( See also 30 June 1993 entry.) Most of the positions in the TOE were filled by personnel from the TDA units through the Professional Filler System (PROFIS) and memorandums of agreement.
The first group (26 PROFIS ** dental officers from the 502nd DCAS) was trained to the new standard prior to deployment.
Integrating into the unit as a provider from the Professional Filler System (PROFIS **) late in the Train-Ready phase hampered deployment preparation.
The natural feeling of being alone can be magnified for providers who join a unit through the Professional Filler System (PROFIS).