PROHPropyl Alcohol
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" Ago tibi gratias, domine " said the barber; and then looking very steadfastly at Jones, he said, with great gravity, and with a seeming surprize, as if he had recollected a face he had seen before, "Sir, may I crave the favour to know if your name is not Jones?" To which the other answered, "That it was."--" Proh deum atque hominum fidem !" says the barber; "how strangely things come to pass!
[sup][3],[4],[5] The combination of ethylene glycol (EG) plus dimethyl sulphoxide (DMSO) and EG plus 1,2-propanediol (PROH) are both effective in oocyte vitrification during clinical applications.
On the other hand, when different alcohols were used [[[sup.99m]Tc[(MIBI).sub.6]].sup.+] moved toward the Rf = 0.66-1.0 (front) regardless of the alcohol used, while [sup.99m]Tc[O.sub.4.sup.-] was retained at Rf = 0.00-0.16, especially using PrOH or BuOH, as shown in Figure 1.
Las abreviaturas empleadas en las glosas de los ejemplos son las siguientes: 1 primera persona, 2 segunda persona, 3 tercera persona, 4 cuarta persona o primera persona inclusiva, ASIST asistivo, BEN benefactivo, CONT continuativo, DES desiderativo, DUR durativo, FOC focalizador, FRUST frustrativo, GEN genitivo, HAB habitual, IND indicativo, INT interrogativo, LOC locativo, NEG negacion, noFUT no-futuro del indicativo, NOMLZ nominalizador, OBJ objeto, PL plural, POS posesivo, PROH prohibitivo, REL relacionador, REP repetitivo, SD sujeto diferente, SG singular, SUJ sujeto, TOP topicalizador, VAL valenciador.
Volume fraction of 1- 4% 6% 8% 10% 12% 15% PrOH [R.sub.f] or spot moves 0.68 0.69 0.69 0.71 spot moves characteristics with the with the of spot front line The time of analysis front line was too extended Table 3.
Proh. HD The State has decided to The State has decided to turn a blind eye to the prohibit completely the production and sale of sale of hard drugs and to soft drugs.
According to their result, solubility parameter differences between DMAC with EtOH, PrOH, and BuOH are 16.24, 16.56, and 16.75, respectively.
48), ipsi contrahentes per suam voluntatem proh dolor!
Ancient Khmer sources recount the exploits of conquering kings both in battle and sexual prowess (50) and the later cpap prus (literally 'rules for men', pronounced 'chabap proh') suggests that a good man should be content with his place, be hardworking and productive, and show kindness and compassion toward others.
Para analisar as relacoes entre a PIN, as caracteristicas economico-financeiras e as praticas de governanca corporativa das empresas foi estimado um modelo de regressao Proh t com dados em painel, com sua adequacao testada pelo Multiplicador de Lagrange (LM) de Breusch-Pagan para decidir entre estimacao por pooled ordinary least squares (POLS) ou por efeitos aleatorios, cuja hipotese nula de adequacao do modelo POLS foi rejeitada ([chi square] = 30,226).
Popular Thai curry called ma khua proh is made by cooking bamboo shoots with white pumpkin and pea aubergine.
Depending on the alcohol reactivities (MeOH [much greater than] EtOH > PrOH > i-PrOH > [C.sub.4]OH, etc.) their amounts should be controlled to assure a proper excess (from two-to even tenfold) of the less reactive starting alcohol.