PROINPAPromocion e Investigacion de Productos Andinos (Spanish)
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Much of the diversity has been collected and conserved ex situ (off site) by Proinpa, integrating it in situ, combining the knowledge generated by farmers' experiments with traditional knowledge of farming communities, Cadima revealed.
Basis of strategies for chemical control of potato late Blight developed by proinpa in Bolivia.
They suggest that there may be different ways of interpreting and addressing the problem of genetic erosion than those forwarded and performed by dominant discourses such as that enacted by PROINPA. What is important, and what I will show in this article, is that the considerations brought up by the farmer, evidently important to many local people, do not figure in the in situ conservation discourse circulated and performed by PROINPA in this area.
Bonifacio, The Foundation for the Promotion and Investigation of Andean Products (PROINPA), La Paz, Bolivia.
Por lo que, una de las primeras tareas de PROINPA fue crear su propia cooperativa de ahorro y credito, mediante la creacion de un fondo rotativo, y el acceso a los fondos gubernamentales destinados a apoyar al movimiento cooperativo.
Ponencia presentada en el XI Congreso Internacional de Cultivos Andinos, marzo, PROINPA, Cochabamba, Bolivia.