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PROLEProgramación y Lenguajes (Spanish Conference on Programming and Computer Languages)
PROLEJornadas Sobre Programación y Lenguajes (Spanish Conference on Programming and Computer Languages)
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Prole, from Elgam Avenue in Blaenavon, admitted causing grievous bodily harm.
Prole was a pioneer in a series of veterinary advances on racing injuries.
Prole received an overpayment of PS24,446.20 during a three-year period for employment and support allowance - designed for people who are unable to work due to illness or disability.
Prole never compromise, their originality is their key.
"You sought to use dozens of Facebook proles to get in touch with her, you also found a link to a pornographic site and made use of that.
Et in suo vadimonio contendit se ex integro assumpsisse matrimonii obligationes, ac modo peculiari de ordinatione ad prolis generationem haec fassus est: <<Quanto alia prole, sono nati due figli proprio perche mi sono sposato senza escludere la procreazione [...] Percio i due figli sono stati accettati con favore da entrambi [...] io ho contratto il matrimonio secondo le intenzioni valide richieste dalla Chiesa>> (P.
For, serious reflection on housing pushes us to think beyond the present society.
We have open meritocracies in which intelligent prole youngsters, far from being liquidated, are welcomed into the upper classes.
Live Smart boss Alan Prole, said: "We are really happy with what we have achieved here."
(Ditto gag-telling stand-ups.) The humble prole has been driven out of TV comedy.
Quasi's carnivalesque pop is pumped along by a wheezy but exuberant roxichord, turning out melodies as catchy and infectious as a merry-go-round medley while singer Sam Coomes deadpans lyrics about spoiled relationships ("The Poisoned Well"), ennui ("The Happy Prole"), and both ("It's Hard to Turn Me On").