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PROLEProgramación y Lenguajes (Spanish Conference on Programming and Computer Languages)
PROLEJornadas Sobre Programación y Lenguajes (Spanish Conference on Programming and Computer Languages)
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Algunas sentencias de la Rota Romana, citando la doctrina de Santo Tomas, sostienen que el bonum prolis en cuanto objeto del consentimiento significa la prole en sus propios principios; otras, lo identifican con la intentio prolis; otras, en fin, con la apertura a la dimension procreativa de los actos conyugales, subrayando la inseparabilidad entre la fecundidad y la conyugalidad, entre el bien de la prole y el bien de los conyuges.
PC Prole said: "I am extremely proud of the pupils on what they have achieved as I've known them since junior school.
She said: "For some time I had been thinking of appointing a communications professional to help raise the prole of specic areas of my business, as I have a well-established reputation in the UK wedding industry.
The infamous Hollywood hotel is not somewhere people go if they want to keep a low prole, so it seems that Chris and Gwyneth are happy to put on a united front following their split.
La mugre prole muerta) de hambre, debera verp las noticias en el unico) canal, con el "ticher"
Dad Simon, married to Samantha, said: "Sam's cousin Paul Prole is the official photographer for Hyde FC.
So if you're from the ruling class If you're some high patrician Don't think of us as riff-raff Without morals or ambition For one day soon this worm will turn Take warning from a prole Or we'll copy what the Frenchies did "Let the tumbills roll
Alan Prole, managing director of Live Smart Home, said: "By completing the first block of flats and unveiling the show home, the development is now very real indeed and for the first time in the UK, people will be able to experience what it could be like living in a BoKlok home.
SO A Prole of Norfolk (Mirror, August 11) thinks we should give Tony Blair a break.
Since the news was rst announced of our move to Coventry last year, we have been overwhelmed with the warm welcome we have received from the people of Coventry and Warwickshire, so we're very keen to support events which raise the prole of Coventry as a sporting destination.
These devices must allow cutting the sample, the knockout disk of the proper diameter, mechanical thinning disc and the disc~s center prole tenE[degrees] to a thickness sufficient for observation.