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PROLLY[not an acronym] Probably
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After George Prolly and his wheelchair crossed Highway 7, they were still traveling fast and bumpy enough for him to lose his false teeth and for the chair to achieve the woods next to Mrs.
George Prolly felt something like a tingle, coming to rest, finally, in a pile of old leaves pushed together over the years into a nicely shaped bed that smelled to him like something from his youth on the farm.
Miss Flambeau, looking off dreamily, whispered, "Ladies and gentlemen, today is Sergeant George Prolly's birthday.
Prolly. They were both crazy, in George Prolly's opinion.
--Yeh, prolly a gay pig too (probably) (South Park)
cause i'm not even sure why people like you, you're prolly mad at me, for being more famous, u are ( #JELLY ."
ronaiah prolly posted them on his piano so he can look at them while he plays @ church lmao," the user then joked.
Principal Jeffcoat said if things went well that you could prolly even walk across the stage with the rest of your class in June ...
Prolly never thought you'd wind up in a fuckin loony bin?
"somebody prolly gone kill casey anthony if she steps foot out in the open," says a Twitter, suggesting the ominous welcome Casey would get once out of jail.
My ex-wife Inez, she's prolly right next door over there at the wake.
You prolly wouldn't think that to look at me now, right?...Anyway, I would get home round six A.M., and I usta like to take him out of his crib on to the fire escape.