PROMDIProbinsya Muna Development Initiative (political party; Philippines)
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Working with a small winemaking community called Adams in Ilocos Norte, Proudly Promdi specializes in making Tapuey and Bugnay rice wine, and even use it as a base for sumptuous cocktails.
Aguilar goes on to explain the word promdi as 'coming from the province.' But the word is not merely derivative because, according to the author, it makes the word 'province' unmentionable, 'associated as it is with rurality, backwardness and unmodernity.'
Kiko added that the challenge in making 'Promdi' was having to shoot scenes for 26 hours straight.
"Promdi" and "Man In My Dreams" (a short film starring Kiko and Devon) are both written and directed by Charlotte Dianco, which part of this year's Singkuwento International Film Festival Manila Philippines.
In celebration of the 100th year of Philippine Cinema this year and National Arts Month in February, the Singkuwento International Film Festival Manila Philippines (SIFFMP) returns to the scene with Kiko's drama film "Promdi" in tow under the full-length category.
Now, shift attention to the onlookers - obviously promdi or IP or both.
WHAT do you get when you bring a promdi widower dad, his pasosyal unica hija, and their constant disagreements together in one posh condo unit?
"I am promdi," says Gordon referring to his being from the province "promdi."
'Those hailing from the provinces won't have the economic means to study at Mint, and they could be too intimidated even to enroll,' I replied, then added, 'Lesley is from the province.' To which the promdi proudly beamed, intimating that he goes home from London at least every two months to dote on his widowed mother Milagros.
He used to be so unsure of himself, a promdi who wasn't quite accustomed to the manners and movements of the Manila gentry.
He lamented that, being a promdi (a portmanteau of "from the province" meaning he came from the (get the "from the" there?) province and thus only had a limited circle of acquaintances) and only knew a few people from among whom to appoint.
'It bestows lots of latitude on whiners against Imperial Manila, like Cebu's and other promdi's Imperial Politicos.