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PROMELAProcess Meta Language
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An Spin / Promela Algorithm Proposal for the Analysis and Errors Diagnosis in UML Sequence Diagrams
They proved the applicability of their approach to many industrial size PROMELA models.
The model verification techniques based on TL model the finite states of systems with Promela and specify the system properties with TL expressions to enable verification by checking whether the intersection between the Promela models and the TL expressions is empty.
Komu, Mjumo Mzyece and Karim Djouani [22], analyse a security protocol proposed to mitigate the MITM attack at the initial network entry point in WiMAX referred to as Secure Initial Network Entry Protocol (SINEP), and model the protocol and an intruder process with MITM capabilities in Process/Protocol Meta-language (PROMELA) formalism.
For example, Kripke structures are translated to the Promela language for Spin, timed automata are translated to the Uppaal's description language, and probabilistic state machines and probabilistic timed automate are translated to the Prism's reactive modules.
The algorithm has been implemented in Promela, a language used by the modelcheckerSpin.
Stmc is implemented in Java language with Stmc input language, Spin is open source C application with Promela as input language.
La herramienta utilizada se denomina Spin, la cual es un interpretador de un Meta Lenguaje denominado PROMELA (Process Meta Languaje) [14].
Specification language PROMELA and LTL logic formula are used and solution presented in MSC form.
Estudios realizados por OIson y Christensen (1980) muestran que los compuestos organoclorados como el aldrin y dieldrin reducen hasta el 50 % la actividad AchA del musculo del pez Pimephales promela. En este estudio se observo que el DDT y CLO inhibieron la actividad de esta enzima.
The input language of SPIN is called PROMELA, which contains the primitives for the specification of synchronous message-passing systems (rendezvous) and asynchronous (buffered) message passing via channels.
In this section, we first propose a model of the BusAdmin and the Bus and then present two modeling methods, the synchronous and asynchronous modeling, including how to translate in the PROMELA codes of the model checker SPIN [17].