PROMETHEEPreference Ranking Organization Method for Enrichment Evaluations
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To assess the criteria of occupancy potential of the parking lots of shopping centres three multiple-criteria methods were used: SAW, TOPSIS and PROMETHEE.
Developing countries, East African Community, IT outsourcing, Offshoring, PROMETHEE.
Convenciones usadas en la tecnica multicriterio ACRONIMO SIGNIFICADO ACV Analisis del Cicle de Vida AHP Proceso Analitico Jerarquico ANP Proceso Analitico de Redes DEA Analisis Envolvente de Datos DEMATEL Decision Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory ELECTREE Limination EtChoixTraduisantla Realite FUZZY Difuso GAIA Geometrical Analysis for Interactive Aid ME No especifica PROMETHEE Preference Ranking Organisation METHod for Enrichment Evaluations QFD Quality Function Deployment RAEE Residuos de aparatos electricos y electronicos TOPSIS Tecnnique for Order Performance by Similarity to Ideal Soluction Tabla 7.
A lot of applications of PROMETHEE in various fields of science and technology can be found in the literature (Behzadian et al.
Utilizando PROMETHEE V para selecao de portfolio de projetos de uma empresa de energia eletrica.
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2012) surveyed financial performance of Iran's Automotive Sector based on PROMETHEE II in the study.
PROMETHEE and ELECTRE behave differently because these methods present different ranking philosophy and do not assume that unique ranking always exists in practice.
2010) give a classification scheme and a detailed overview and presentation of the PROMETHEE methodologies and the field of their application.
How to select and how to rank projects: the PROMETHEE method, European Journal of Operational Research 24(2): 228-238.
MADM (Analytical Hierarchy Process, PROMETHEE, ELECTRE, MAUT, VIKOR, TOPSIS) metodai placiai taikomi atsinaujinanciu energijos istekliu parinkimo ir integravimo projektuose, skirtuose vejo, geoterminems, biomases, fotoelementu jegainems ir hidroelektrinems parinkti (Pohekar, Ramachandran 2004; San Cristobal 2011).