PROMETHEEPreference Ranking Organization Method for Enrichment Evaluations
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In PROMETHEE II, the net outranking flow indicates the priority of each alternative in relation to the others and gives the complete ranking of alternatives.
In this chapter the PROMETHEE (Preference Ranking OrganisationMETHod for Enrichment Evaluations) methodwas chosen for treating multicriteria problem(Brans et al.
In the case of outranking methods ELECTRE and PROMETHEE, the robustness is measured only with regard to criteria weights, aggregated credibility degrees or inferred net flows.
The study is based on research and interviews conducted by PROMETHEE with a cross-section of European leaders, including investment managers, banks, fund distributors and various EU institutions, such as the European Commission and European securities regulators.
3PL provider selection, multiple stakeholders, evaluation framework, multiple criteria, PROMETHEE
They are based on previously developed well-known methods, such as TOPSIS, SAW, DEA, AHP, ANP, VIKOR, DEMATEL, DEA, PROMETHEE, ELECTRE and their modification, by applying fuzzy and grey number theory.
Selection of logistic service provider using fuzzy PROMETHEE for a cement industry, Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management 23(7): 899-921.
Mokslineje literaturoje siuloma daug skirtingu MADM grupei priskiriamu metodu, taikomu ekonominiams reiskiniams tirti: AHP, MAUT, UTA, UTASTAR, UTADIS, COPRAS, TOPSIS, ARAS, SAW, ELECTRE, PROMETHEE, MOORA, VIKOR, EVAMIX (Xidonas et al.
In all these cases, the results obtained using the MOORA method almost corroborate with those derived by the past researchers which prove the applicability, potentiality, and flexibility of this method, in comparison with AHP, TOPSIS, VIKOR, ELECTRE and PROMETHEE, while solving various complex decision-making problems in present day manufacturing environment.
An interval version of PROMETHEE for the comparison of building products' design with ill-defined data on environmental quality.
Next, a global multiattribute value function aggregates measures of gains and losses over all criteria in a problem in the form of an additive difference function, which summarizes arguments in favour and against an alternative when compared to another, similar to what PROMETHEE does (Brans, Mareschal 1990).