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PROMIAsociación para la Promoción del Minusválido (Spain)
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Such a development, aided by the media, may well have brought additional pressure to bear on the House, rallied public opinion behind the use of force, and tied promi nent Republicans publicly to the administration's Middle Eastern policies.
How do I tell my mother?'" He was spoken to by officers from the Met Police's Operation Fernbridge - which is investigating claims of abuse by promi nent people against children trafficked from care homes including Grafton Close, where he was a resident, in Richmond, south-west London.
Correlaciones de Pearson entre las cinco practicas de liderazgo, el indice C y los seis estadios morales PROM MOD PROM HAB PROMI NSP PROD ESP PROMA LCO Indice C -.051 .046 .127 -.007 .093 MED st 1 .019 .088 .028 -.056 .144 MED st 2 .039 .129 .075 -.012 .093 MED st 3 .072 .122 .052 -.039 .101 MED st 4 .067 .050 .006 -.106 .116 MED st 5 .005 .091 .013 -.029 .094 MED st 6 .102 .104 .047 -.005 .127 Nota.
Gil Zuarth, coordinador de la campana de Vazquez Mota, es otro de los promi nentes panistas que ascendieron vertiginosamente en el sexenio de Calderon, de quien fue secretario particular.
Zannatul Ferdous, Sanjida Sultana, Tamanna Jannat Promi, Tahsin Shuhrah and Afsana Hossain won GPA 5.00.
Following the Mexican Pandemic Plan, a program of social mobilization was implemented through a multi-faceted mass media saturation campaign featuring visual representations and a previously developed and tested message icon, Promi, to address Mexico City's heterogeneous population and literacy rates (Figure 1).
For that to happen this Wales side wo have to experience a massive leap in clas The players Toshack continually promi will bloom would have to finally step u level.
ALTHOUGH Puritanism is the most promi, nent b&e noire in George Bernard Shaw, other "fads" or "heresies' addressed in the biographies include agnosticism, Gnosticism, and transcendentalism.
The most promi nent is his attempt to provide an alternative to the Kantian liberalism which dominates contemporary liberal theory.
Airbus chief promi Airbus chiefses a dozen A380 deliveries in 2008 Despite a brief strike by some 300 French workers on Friday, Airbus is committed to delivering a dozen A380 aircraft this year, according to CEO Tom Enders.
``He did very well at Barcelona and two goals last night, he's shown great promi se .''