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PROMISProject Management Information System
PROMISProgram Management Information Systems (USACE 2012)
PROMISProperty Management Information System
PROMISProductivity Management Information System
PROMISProsecutor's Management Information System
PROMISPatient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System
PROMISProcurement Management Information System
PROMISPolar Regions Outer Magnetosphere International Study
PROMISProduction and Marketing Intelligence Service
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Using its novel drug discovery platform, ProMIS can uniquely and selectively target the toxic oligomer, filling a critical gap for drug developers as traditional approaches to developing antibodies are unable to isolate and target the toxic oligomer with adequate precision.
PROMIS is the primary record keeping system for all police operations, including reported crimes.
Items include questions from five PROMIS domains (i.e., physical function, fatigue, pain, emotional distress, and social health) as well as items that span some or all of these domains.
(1) The Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS; was one of the first initiatives.
One of the important early bits of information that leaked out to link Hanssen, Putin, and 9/11 concerned references to Hanssen's alleged delivery of copies of the FBI's enhanced version of the controversial PROMIS computer software to the KGB/ FSB.
Utilizing a 'mixed reality' or hybrid approach, ProMIS Modules range from Basic Laparoscopic Skills to procedures such as LapAppendectomy and LapColectomy and ProMIS meets the ACS & ACGME RRC requirements for simulation.
* multidisciplinary clinical research training programs and Patient-Reported Outcomes Management Information System (PROMIS) initiatives.
PROMIS, a group which treats people for addictions, has found 75% of alcoholics in full-time employment, and up to 15% of those in upper management, are reliant upon drink or drugs.
Nineteenth-century archival work by Carlo Promis has left a good starting point for work on Paciotti, at least in the specialized subfield of military architecture.
Robert Lefever, director of the Promis recovery center in Kent, England, told the BBC News Online that using pills to cure "shopping disorder" simply replaced one addiction with another.
A key component of the system is a manufacturing execution system solution called PROMIS provided by PRI Automation, Inc.
It shows how after Maxwell sold a version of the software programme, Enhanced Promis, to the Chinese secret service, the Chinese forged links with Mossad that remain in place until today.